Plez Phez - Artistic Services

Welcome to Plez Phez

We love to create, in any style that fits our ideas. More interestingly, any style that fits your ideas.

We like to get that idea and draw it, paint it, cartoon it, renovate it, cut it out, or build it on paper, canvas, walls, wood or just about anything that you can think of.

If we arent working on it, we like to talk about it so feel free to contact us with anything you have in mind.

We have a diverse set of skills which allow us to offer bespoke art in a variety of forms. We have produced commisioned portraits in oils, water paints and pencil. Some of these have produced as prints.

Some of our clients are businesses for whom we have produced signs and murals for their premises and at times show stands. We have also attended promotional events to produce caricatures of staff and guests which are highly popular.

We produce renovated furniture with bespoke artwork which is very much a growing trend. You can find examples of these here

The possibilities of what you might want produced as bespoke art are endless but we would love to here your ideas!